Top Career in Healthcare Sector in the USA | A Complete Guide
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Top Career in Healthcare Sector in the USA | A Complete Guide

There’s no doubt that the scope of career in healthcare is wider. There’s no doubt that healthcare is one of the fastest-growing careers in the United States. Healthcare as a career is not just a respectable but responsible duty towards people. One can’t be negligent towards it. Opting for a career in healthcare is not an easy job. An individual needs to be hardworking and dedicated to their job.

List of Top Career in Healthcare

Healthcare is one such field where there are endless options to build a career on. As attractive as it seems, it is one of the toughest fields in terms of studying as well as a job. Here’s a list of some of the top careers in healthcare.

1.Physical Therapist

 A physical therapist is at the top of the list of a career in the healthcare sector. It is because of the lucrative position and growth expected in the coming years. The job of physical therapists is to prevent the patient’s condition so that they achieve the long term benefits. They are able to make their own hours, choose their client, and are likely to be self-employed. Given the nature of the profession, many physical therapists function as social workers, teachers, etc. You need to have a graduate degree in it.

2.Physician’s Assistant

Due to the demands of doctors increase, the physician assistant is becoming a better way to receive timely care. The PA is trained to provide diagnostic advice and even take a look at clinical testing results. It is seen there is a shortage of trained MD’s in the US; the Physician Assistant is becoming part of frontline medical care. The education and license to qualify as a PA takes around two years. The PA is a perfect career in healthcare for someone with basic medical training looking to step up with a ladder.


A pharmacist is a trained individual prepared to distribute drugs prescribed by the doctors. Pharmacy is an attractive career in healthcare because of options for treatment change. Pharmacists are a part of routine hospital care, scientific research, and plays a key role in the treatment of diseases like cancer. To become a pharmacist, you need to obtain a degree in pharmacy. It is a standard degree program that will prepare you for state licensing.

4.Healthcare Information Technology Manager

Someone has to look after the records, billing, data collection that goes into proper healthcare. The technology that made this more effective requires computer science and IT background people. Biomedical scientists are becoming dependant on people who have skills to interpret the data.

5.Occupational therapist

The occupational therapists help those people who need help in learning or recovering routine skills. It can be as a result of disability or injury. People often need help to cope with stress or perform tasks. It is a good career in healthcare for those who want to blend their work with social service, mental health, and education. The career in occupational therapists begins with a degree. Many of the degree programs are becoming more flexible than the standard full-time option.

6.Radiological Technician

The work of RT involves operating complex machines that use radiation to scan the human body. The technicians play a key role in diagnosing diseases ranging from respiratory issues to cancer. To become an RT, one needs to get training in specialized Associates and Certificate programs. Many technicians decide to choose this skill after opting for some previous medical training in medical care.

7.Medical Technologists and Laboratory Technician

Medical and Lab technicians perform all the testing required by doctors while treating patients. It takes skilled technicians to operate the machines and equipment that makes this possible. You can opt for medical technologists as a career in healthcare through various degree programs. But there are Medical Technology degree programs that provide training to students in laboratory skills.


Paramedics are the first ones at the time of emergencies and disasters. They are specifically trained for caring for patients at the time of site of crisis. A current shortage of paramedics should make this on the top list of the career in healthcare. The paramedics are attractive career to many as it requires basic training to acquire state certification.

9.Clinical Research Administrator

The clinical research administrator looks for new ways to treat different diseases. It is an important but complicated process. Clinical research administrator plays an important role in making cures for deadly diseases. For instance, there is a virus named Coronavirus, whose vaccine is still in the making process. This is a very specialized field, but there are now both undergraduate and graduate programs available to train students.

10. Healthcare Administrator

The current hospital practice requires people to be trained in a variety of skills to manage patient care. To pursue a career as a healthcare administrator, one needs to acquire graduate and doctoral degrees. Hospitals and institutions need people that understand issues related to managing patient care.

I hope this list clears your mind regarding which career in healthcare is best for you. Choose while keeping your interest and potential in mind.

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