Top 5 Essay Writing Services That Will Benefit Students in 2022 
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Top 5 Essay Writing Services That Will Benefit Students in 2022 

5 Best Websites for Essay Writing Services 

A perfect society wouldn’t need essay writing help. Our reality is far from ideal, though. They are there to solve some basic needs and resulting deficiencies in the educational system. 

Companies that write essays offer respite to overworked students and a break to those who may want to focus on other areas.

A modern college student’s academic career might be challenging at times. Perhaps you want to spend time with estranged family members, are too tired, or simply need to switch your focus to another subject.

These justifications are absolutely valid for seeking writing aid if you’re looking for a reliable essay writing service.

The anonymous study of 5,000 American college students found that these writing services were the most well-liked and dependable. Find out more about each location by reading on.

1. Homework Minutes

It is an internet platform where writers promise to produce work of a sufficient caliber. They are some of the most frequently occurring names on the top 10 lists and are owned by Search Novation’s Inc. We are the best essay writing services provider in USA, Canada and Australia

Although their legality is not in question, there are some issues with the company. For instance, support staff members typically take a while to respond. This can be a result of their inadequate training or the fact that they are overworked.


  • 12 years of expertise, professional college essay writing service
  • The customer service staff always responds promptly.
  • No personal information is required to place an order.
  • A user-friendly website and a rapid ordering process


  • The business is actively marketing additional services 

2. Online Course Help

Being a wise buyer means never believing the statements that a website makes on its own. Instead, look for testimonials from former students.

For instance, there aren’t many unfavorable remarks to be found in the comment and review section of Online Course Help. That is statistically improbable, particularly in the unpredictable and subjective field of writing.

It is still one of the top essay writing services, despite this. In actuality, it is, however its superiority isn’t attributable to the positive comments left on its website.

Bad platforms frequently cherry-pick 5-star reviews and post them on their page. This method is used by several low-quality writing websites. They are thankfully not one of them.


  • Quick and friendly client service
  • Numerous essay services are available (writing, editing, grading, proofreading)
  • A practical price calculator and a fair price
  • Regular reductions for devoted clients as well as a welcome discount


  • Minimal paper modifications

3. BBQPapers

First off, one of BBQ’s big selling points is that you are helping Americans by purchasing some of their essays because it is an American company. Although the registration of their website’s domain in Texas cannot be verified,

However, based just on the sheets, the quality is impeccable. You can’t tell if the papers were written by foreigners even if they were. It follows that they work with some really trustworthy and the best essay writing service.

One of this company’s weak points is affordability. One of the priciest legitimate writing services on the globe is BBQ papers. Before placing an order, give it some serious thought. 


  • High-quality service, academic papers of the Ph.D. caliber
  • There is a worry-free refund policy, and there is plenty of time to do so.
  • Free features are necessary (plagiarism report, revisions, editorial review)
  • Your paper is not kept by BBQPapers in its database.
  • loyalty rebates 


  • It costs more per page here than it does elsewhere.
  • Price calculator absent

4. Homework Joy 

The essence of a product or service should be captured in a good review. If you were, to sum up  Homework Joy in a couple of terms, you might describe it as a reliable and general service.

These folks haven’t created any new technology or revolutionized the process of internet writing. And to be completely honest, we don’t need them to. Customers only ask for on-time delivery of the good paper. Anything else is only decorative.

In this situation, the adage “practice makes perfect” is unquestionably true. if one believes the statistics. In the year 2020, Homework Joy completed more than 900,000 projects. Even if you had access to their small army of 400 writers, that would still be an absurd amount of labor. 


  • The largest group of seasoned experts in the field
  • Discreet and safe service
  • reasonable costs


  • Service is offered through bidding (it may take some time to find a qualified professional)
  • The website is unresponsive and difficult to use.
  • Inadequate phone support

5. PaperHelp

There are many trustworthy online essay writing service businesses. Still, how can you tell the difference between the two given that some are not?

One of the more established businesses in this market sector is PaperHelp . For the past five years and counting, the platform has been in use.

The website displays both favorable and unfavorable client experiences and has an organic appearance.

Nobody can promise that their initial draft of a paper will be flawless. EW, however, invests time and money into refining your product.

Until you are happy with the results, their writers are willing to go back and revise every part.


  • A high percentage of orders are delivered promptly
  • Numerous revisions


  • In a live chat, it took approximately ten minutes for a customer support agent to respond.
  • The business requests payment for extra services.

So, this is the list of the top 5 essay writing service that are available for students to help them with their problems.

Visit Online Course Help for further help.