Top 10 Haunted Universities in the World
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Top 10 Haunted Universities in the World

Halloween has just passed, and to keep the spirit of Halloween, we have put together the top 10 Haunted Universities in the World. In these universities, students and teachers swear on themselves of seeing the most animated things that are sure to send chilled waves deep down your spine. The students feel so scared that they don’t even dare to roam in the university hall ever again!

The universities are filled with echoing sounds, bloodthirsty screams, and smell of human blood. Especially in the night, no one dares to go to such universities. The following universities are the most haunted and are believed to have witnessed a series of haunted events in the past and continue to encounter such types of events.

Heidelberg University, Germany

The Heidelberg University is said to be haunted by spirits of a group of women. The chalkboards erase themselves in the classroom and are often covered with mysterious words. A site with the smell of burning woods and books continues to linger on the college campus.

Gettysburg College, USA

The 186-year-old building is marked by the history of carnage and violence of the civil war before the start of World War 2. There have been signs of armed sentinels crossing the campus, and also a boy having his whole face blue is seen on the campus. Bloodstained Civil war doctors have haunted the basement.

University of St Andrews, Scotland

The university has a gothic building and enjoys Gloomy Scottish weather round the year. Several characters inhabit the University of St. Andrews. The most well-known ghost present in the university is White Lady.

University of Northern Colorado, USA

The university has specially mentioned the presence of ghosts in the campus on their official website. The official page has stated that there is a ghost story of every building. A spirit of a student who died on the campus because of excessive drug use is present in the college. His presence is observed by the smell of marijuana present in the college campus.

The ghost of a shy and awkward student is also present on the campus. Some students have also reported hearing the noise of marbles rolling across the floor, and even, a student is said to hang around two dormitories (Weibking and Wilson) in particular.

Nagasaki University, Japan

The spirits of people who were hit by the atomic bomb shot by the United States on 9th August 1945 are said to be residing in the campus for a long time. A Heavy number of staff and students were killed in the US Bombing.

Chinese University of Hong Kong, China

The road that runs along the university has marked the presence of a woman with long braided hairs and no face. The spirit of a woman haunts young men at night who are walking alone. It is believed that her face was ripped off when she jumped from a moving train. Adding to the contrary, there is a railway station at the end of the road, so perhaps this might be true.

RMIT University, Australia

The University holds proximity to the Melbourne Gaol (A Haunted Location in Australia). Many Paranormal activities have been reported in the university during the night times. Buildings 1,11,13,20 and 24 hold the hotspot for all the paranormal events.

University of Alabama, USA

The University was founded 187 years ago. Many students and staff personals say that the university’s oldest building is haunted by the former University President, Josiah Gorgas. Many students have heard the clanging of the sword and his footsteps.

University College London, UK

The University was founded in 1826, and more than 200000 students have reported the haunted sites along with unnatural experiences. Many students and staff personals have reported that the campus is haunted by a young girl named Emma Louise, who would appear if her name is called three times. If anyone dares to say her name three times, then the words “help me,” “die,” and “murder” are written on the wall.

Ohio University, USA

Ohio University is one of the most haunted universities in America. It is believed to be harboring ghosts and ghouls. The university is believed to be built on unsanctified graves of patients from the Athens Lunatic Asylum.