03 Oct, 2023

LEG 100 Week 2

“The Bill of Rights” Please respond to the following: In reviewing the Bill of Rights, discuss which amendment has the biggest influence on businesses. Give an example to support your answer. From a manager’s point of view, tell what might happen if a manager does not know or understand the Constitutional basis of business. Explain […]

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MCQs – Business Law Ch3

1) Which of the following is true about crimes? a. Recklessness never provides a sufficient criminal intent. b. Criminal liability exists only if there is a victim who suffered damages. c. A criminal defendant will be found guilty whenever the jury believes it is more likely than not that the defendant committed the crime. d. […]

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Business Law Ch6-10 MCQs Set 2

QuestionsWhat is an irrevocable offer under the Uniform Commerce Code?Under the Uniform Commerce Code, name three things that are required to expressed in a sales contract to satisfy the statute of frauds?The provisions of the Uniform Commerce Code were drafted with the goal of promoting the what of a sales contract?Name two factors that may […]

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Business Law Quiz MCQs for Ch6-10

Questions T/F: Each contract should cover a singular promise and if multiple promises are involved, multiple contracts should be created T/F: Boris sky dives out of a plane and gets hung up in a tree, hopelessly suspended and swinging precariously in his parachute from the branches of the tree. Natasha sees that be is in […]

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Business Law Unit 4

Business Law Quiz-4 Multiple Choice Questions (Enter your answers on the enclosed answer sheet) 1) What is the definition of “goods” under Article 2 of the UCC? a. ”Goods” are defined as tangible things that are immovable at the time of their identification to the contract. b. ”Goods” are defined as fixtures. c. ”Goods” are […]

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LEG 100 Week 2 dq

“Dispute Resolution” Please respond to the following: Describe the advantages and disadvantages of using the U.S. court system to alternative dispute resolution methods. From the e-Activity, determine the value of alternative dispute resolution methods to a small-business owner. Provide specific examples to support your response. “The Bill of Rights” Please respond to the following: In […]

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BA 3301 Legal Environment of Business

BA 3301 Legal Environment of Business discussion Q1 Arbitration. Focus on the downside. Arbitration is secret. If you file a suit you can get discovery…read what that is in the book. I can find out how many other consumers have been screwed by this company before me…can increase my damages…and a jury hears the problem […]

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Supreme Court criminal case

Analyze a Supreme Court criminal case. Use an Issue, Rule, Analysis, and Conclusion methodology to approach the assignment. Start with a factual background section. The issue section may be only one sentence but could be more if you identify subissues. The issue is the question or questions that the court answers in the case. The […]

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