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saint leo MAT-131 module 8 project assignment

Dot Image The second project will be sent via email and consists of a set of data with three independent questions.The first question should ask you to create a histogram or bar graph for some variable categorized by ageand split for men and women. This extends the idea of bar graphs because you will use the ages as theclasses, but the height of your bars will be the average (mean) of the variable within each age bracket formen and for women. The most common error for this graph is having a bar for every single data point,rather than a single bar for men and a single bar for women within each age group. The second questionwill ask for a pie chart for some variable. The most common mistake for the second question is thatpeople get stuck on splitting the data into men and women. For this question, when it does not ask you toseparate men and women, it asks for a single pie chart for the frequency of the variable without regard togender. The last question asks for basic central tendency and dispersion. For this, the only mistake somepeople seem to make is to possibly miss one of the measures of central tendency or dispersion. Or,occasionally someone will break the data down into categories from the prior questions rather than justthe two groups asked for in question 3 Purchase this Tutorial @ 35.00