PROJ430 – Week 5 – Check Points -A Graded Solution

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The Reluctant Workers (Chapter 6, Page 294)

Case Study Questions:

  1. Tim Aston had a normal expectation to be the “best project manager” in his new assignment. What seems to have caused him to change his outlook?
  2. What approaches would you take to improve communications between Tim and the team members?
  3. If you were in Tim’s position and were listening to his manager, Phil Davies, refer more than one time to the average age of the staff, what would be your reaction? How would you use this information to improve your working relationships with the staff?
  4. Tim seems positioned to respect the customer’s wishes to attend a test. How would you (as his manager) counsel him about honoring or rejecting that request? Support your answer with examples of managing customer relations.
  5. Phil Davies said, “…people think that they come first and that the project is second.” What message is he really conveying? What does Tim seem to be missing in his next statement or reply?

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