PROJ430 – Week 3 – Check Points – A Graded Solution

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Habitat for Humanity – Simulation


When the project first started, you were asked to order the tasks to build the WBS. How did you decide the order tasks should appear in for the WBS? In a typical project, how do you think a WBS should be created, and what stakeholders or team members should be involved?


What challenges did you face during the simulation, and what solutions did you propose? Indicate any research that you did In order to gain your own knowledge about remodeling a bathroom and how it helped you.


When faced with the challenges, what information did you use to make your decision, and what tradeoffs did you contemplate?


How did your decisions impact the project’s critical path? How was the critical path impacted as you tried different options?


Based on the simulation and on what we discussed this week in class, what additional information or resources would have helped you make better project decisions?

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