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post university ECO 201 macroeconomics unit 2 assi

Dot Image Answer Questions For Review #1 and #8 at the top of page 510Answer Questions For Review #1 in the middle of page 527Page 5101.)

1] An economy’s income is same at its expenditure because in every transaction there aretwo parties: the seller and a buyer. Every dollar of spending by a buyer is a dollar ofspending for a seller
.2.)It is desirable for a country to have a large GDP because its the market value of all finalgoods and services produced in a country in a given period of time. 
You would want theGDP to be large so that the value of goods is higher. Countries with a large GDP allowsthe people of that country to live better lives.p.g. 5271)I think a 10 percent increase is the price of chicken has a greater effect on the consumerprice index because more people on a whole buy chicken than caviar.

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