ORG 300 module 3 assignment

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Using the Virtual Library to Research Diversity in Leadership(70 pts)

Make sure you have viewed all of the Required Reading tutorials before doing this assignment. Now it is time to put your new-found library skills into practice. Using the CSU-Global Library, locate one full text journal article using either the EBSCOHost or ProQuest databases. The topic of the article must be on issues of diversity and their impact on leadership effectiveness. Read the article in its entirety and then write a paper that contains the following components:

  • A one-paragraph (4 to 6 sentences) summary of the article. Do not copy or simply paraphrase the Abstract of the article.
  • One to two paragraphs that state your experience regarding the content of the article and the statements made by the author. Detail your experience with at least two examples that support or refute points made in the article.
  • A summary of the process you used to find this article in the library. What were your search techniques? How did you narrow down your choices to the article that you ultimately selected for this assignment? Was the experience easy? Difficult? Explain why.

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