List of Best Online Courses With Certificate Free
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List of Best Online Courses With Certificate Free

Are you looking for the best online courses with certificate free? Well. You are in the right place. These online courses won’t cost you a single penny. Besides this, here are some courses that include free printable certificates after completion. In this blog, you will find online courses for almost every industry that is IT, management, design, business, HR, programming, fashion, etc.

Certification not only expands your skills and knowledge but also makes your CV more attractive to recruiters. A free certification course gives you the chance to learn something from the experts without spending a dime. The majority of the online course platforms have changed their model, especially where the course is free. But printable certification is changeable.

Though there are tons of free courses from reputed providers that claim free certifications. But not all courses cover knowledge in depth. Thus here is the list of best online courses with certificate free, which you must try this quarantine.

8 Best Online Course With Certificate Free 2023

The following is the list of best online courses that you must try this quarantine.

Lynda on LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn has the most massive range of courses. It provides a one-month free trial. It gives a free certificate for all the available courses. Lynda covers all the bases. Thus, it comes at the top of the list. There are 13,000+ available courses. The best part about this course is that vetted industry professionals will teach you.


Udemy is great for marketing and design. Also this it offers 823 courses free of cost with a certificate. Users can also print and download their certificate after completion of the course. It also has a range of free videos for various courses. Just like Lynda, Udemy ensures to provide its students with the best learning material.


Alison is an excellent course provider for the IT and coding industry. It is a free online course provider with more than 13 million learners, 2 million graduates, and 1000 courses. Unlike Udemy, Alison works as a platform for organizing hundreds of free courses that are available on the internet. Some of the popular fields, of course, are IT, languages, business, health, humanities, marketing, lifestyle, and many more.

3.Google Digital Garage

It is the best-known course for digital marketing. Most of us use Google daily without realizing that it is the best platform for learning digital marketing. Many courses of Google Digital Garage are free of cost with free modules, unlimited access, and videos. The sessions here are interactive, which keeps users engaged.

4.Oxford Home Study

This provider is best known for its diploma distance education courses. It also offers a variety of free online courses. All you have to do is to sign up and start learning. After learning, you will receive a certificate of course completion. However, the course line-up is quite limited.

5.Open learning

Open learning is a university quality provider for learning various courses. While this provider is new in the market, it surged popularity in the past three years. They have over 1 million people that used Open learning as a platform for online learning. Open learning is much like Alison. Instead of providing courses by themselves, they offer courses from universities.  

6.Microsoft Learn

If you are planning to make a career in working with Microsoft products in the future, then you must try Microsoft Learn. Just like Google Digital Garage, Microsoft Learn also offer their learning platforms to those who want to excel their skills. However, Google classes are broader, while Microsoft focuses on its products only.


If you want to excel in your technical skills, then Pluralsight is the place to start. They provide the best mentors and teachers’ guidance. To help in delivering the classes, it partnered with some largest companies like Google, Oracle, Adobe, Microsoft, and Unity. Although Pluralsight is a paid service, you can sign up and take ten days of the free trial.

Thus, these were some best online courses with certificate free. You should avail of these courses this quarantine. Hopefully, the guide will help you to find a suitable course.

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