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Individual Research Paper

Dot Image The second individual assignment will be an individual research paper assignment. In this individual research paper you are required to write a five- to seven-page research paper on Bridging the generation gap (generation x and generation y).
Even though this is a research paper assignment, you should avoid directly quoting large chunks of information word-for-word. Whenever possible, paraphrase and synthesize the information in your own words; be sure to still quote the reference you used.

Research Paper Layout: Title Page, Abstract, Introduction, What was done in the study (material), Results of the findings, Discussion, Conclusion and References.

All papers will be typed, spell-checked, grammar-checked, submitted double-spaced, and prepared with references in proper academic format, using the APA style. There are some excellent Web sites with great examples of how to use proper APA formatting. One such site is: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/.
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