HIST 501 Introduction to Science, Technology and Society

Dot Image HIST 501 Introduction to Science, Technology and Society


This paper is your chance to work closely with the week’s assigned reading and to work on developing your writing skills. Strive for clarity and organization when you write these pieces. The papers should focus on the pages assigned the week the paper is due.

Address the following questions in your paper:

(1) What are the author’s central arguments?
(2) What evidence does the author provide to support his/her claims? What research methods does the author use?

(3) What is one minor point that you find interesting? Why?

(4) What are the strengths and weaknesses of the author’s argument?

read the following three articles and
Papers should be typed and 1.5 line spaced. Support your claims and interpretations of the texts with direct quotes and page numbers. There is no need to include a works cited or reference page. Hard copies of the paper need to be handed in. Electronic copies will not be accepted. Late papers will also not be accepted.
please talk about each of those points extensively
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