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Question 1(2 points)

Question 1 unsavedApproximately 20 head of cattle could survive on 640 acres of grazing land.

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Question 2(2 points)

Question 2 unsavedThe Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1933 caused a reduction in cotton cultivation.

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Question 3(2 points)

Question 3 unsavedOne of the most important benefits of the New Deal in Arizona was the support of the State’s extractive industries like mining and agriculture.

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Question 4(2 points)

Question 4 unsavedDuring the Great Depression, half a million Mexican workers were deported from the United States.

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Question 5(2 points)

Question 5 unsavedAgriculture in Pima County during the 1930’s was characterized by many farmers owning 160 acre parcels.

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Question 6(2 points)

Question 6 unsavedDuring the 1940’s, South Phoenix was a model of equal opportunity and vibrant economic activity for both African Americans and Mexicans.

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Question 7(2 points)

Question 7 unsavedArizona received over $300 million dollars in Federal assistance between 1933-39.

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Question 8(2 points)

Question 8 unsavedCattle ranchers enthusiastically supported Congress passing the Taylor Grazing Act.

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Question 9(2 points)

Question 9 unsavedDue to population increases in Arizona, it was not necessary to utilize Mexican farm workers during the cotton boom of World War II.

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Question 10(2 points)

Question 10 unsavedThroughout the 1930’s and early 1940’s, women had few economic alternatives in the cities, but in rural settings, a variety of well paying opportunities existed.

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