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Davenport BUSN520 final project

Dot Image This week you will submit the complete Company Analysis and Strategic Plan of the company you chose in Week 1. Major sections of the project were due during weeks 1, 3, and 5 with the complete project due this week. This complete Company Analysis and Strategic Plan of your project company includes parts 1, 2, and 3 with edits and necessary changes as made by your instructor. Submit to the Red Assignment folder for this week. This is a comprehensive analysis of the company you have selected. Bring together all three segments of the analysis you have completed, and develop two recommendations for actions – one regarding their leadership, organizational structure or culture and one based on a change in one of the 4 P’s. Be sure your recommendation is well founded in your research and SWOT analysis. Completed analysis should be between 18-20 pages with a minimum of 10 references expected. The completed paper must be formatted according to APA standards. Due: Week 6, Day 7 to the Written Assignments folder 80 points Purchase this Tutorial @ 60.00