Best Private High Schools in the USA
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Best Private High Schools in the USA

Attending the best private high schools in the USA is the dream of many students. It not only provides a strong academic foundation but helps students to gain the opportunity of getting into the entrance of first-rate colleges. The students get prepared for the challenges of the real world. These days, private schools are popular options for students and families seeking the best education. The students not only receive the best education while maintaining their social life. A top private high school not only gives academic success, but it provides success in personal life too. The majority of students attend Ivy League universities and colleges; the private schools help them to get in the colleges. Every school or institute is eager to prepare the students for living and working in a connected global society.

Benefits of Private High Schools

Parents want to teach their children the essential skills for the ever-changing world; parents are approaching private high-schools. There are many options available from boarding schools to alternative schools; the parents prefer to send their children to private schools because of the following benefits:

Improve Academic Opportunities

The private schools provide challenging experiences through the IB Diploma Program, Advanced Placement Courses, Extracurricular activities, and gifted programs. Private school students steadily scored good marks in college entrance and standardized tests.

Smaller Classes

All private schools have their unique teaching style, but the everyday things are the smaller classes they offer. Because of the small size of the class, the students can advance their strengths or knowledge and can improve the weak areas.

Parental Involvement

Private schools offer open communication between parents and administration. The authorities of school make it a priority to involve parents in the community. The parents can know about their children’s academic performance and their weak points.

Dedicated Teachers

The main reason for choosing private schools for students is that the teachers are passionate and qualified. They hold advanced degrees in their respective fields. The teachers are readily available for extra help to individual students.

List of Top 10 Private High Schools in the USA

There are a considerable number of private high schools available in the USA. Parents often get confused when choosing the best private high school for their children. Here is the list of top 10 private high schools in the USA along with the tuition fees:

1.St. Mark’s School of Texas

St. Mark’s School of Texas is a non-sectarian, boy’s school located in North Dallas. The school makes remarkable efforts towards environmental sustainability. The school also provides outdoor education and is required of all students.

Tuition Fees: $25,258-$26,914, depending on the classes

2.Trinity School

Trinity School is a co-educational and independent school on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. It is the best high school in the country as 80% of its faculty holds an advanced degree, and the students get admission in the best colleges. Trinity offers a huge variety of special programs so the students can develop their interests outside the classroom.

Tuition Fees: For grades 9-11– $39,125 and for grade 12– $39,625

3.Horace Mann School

Horace Mann School is located at Riverdale section of the Dale, recognized as one of the top feeder schools to Ivies. The school offers co-curricular activities. Students have to pass the swim test, learn CPR, and complete community services as part of their graduation requirements.

Tuition Fees: $39,100

4.Collegiate School

Collegiate School is all men’s private schools situated in Manhattan’s Upper West Side, one of the oldest schools in the USA. The school has the best soccer team among all private schools.

Tuition Fees: $39,400

5.Lakeside School

Lakeside School is a private school located in the North Part of Seattle. The school aims at helping students gain a broader view while helping the underprivileged. The students have the opportunity to study abroad, both internationally and domestically.

Tuition Fees: $27,250

6.Brearley School

Brearley School is a girl’s non-denominational school located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The students have the advantage of studying abroad programs, which include countries like India, China, and Vietnam, as well as other European countries. The school also provides arts programs.

Tuition Fees: $36,800

7.Crystal Strings Upland School

Crystal Springs Upland School, located south of San Francisco, is a co-ed and independent private school. The school provides projects, internships, investigate research, and global experiences to its students.

Tuition Fees: $35,700

8.The Pingry School

The Pingry School is a private day school located in the west of New York City. The school is home to a championship athletic team and strong tradition in the academic press. A multicultural curriculum and cultural competency are a vital part of campus life.

Tuition Fees: $33,040

9.John Burroughs School

John Burroughs School is a private and co-ed school located on the west side of St. Louis. The school has a separate office of multicultural education and diversity to ensure awareness among students.

Tuition Fees: $22,900

10.Marlborough School

Marlborough School is a private girl’s school located in Hancock Park. It is the oldest school for girls in Southern California. It hosts a premiere visiting scholars program. The school does not require community service from its students.

Tuition Fees: $28,950

It is crucial to get admission in the best private school to get into the top universities for a better future. The mentioned list will help you to select the best private school in the USA.

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