Best Liberal Art Colleges

Best Liberal Arts College in the USA | An Overview

Liberal arts college, as the name suggests referring to the institutions that focus on providing liberal arts degrees to its students. These are private four-year colleges that tend to be more expensive than the other colleges. There are various branches of liberal arts, including humanities, physical science, social science, and mathematics. The students can select majors from the categories given below:


Humanities is an academic discipline that focuses on human culture. The subjects include:

  • English
  • Creative writing
  • History
  • Geography
  • Linguistics
  • Literature

Physical sciences and mathematics

Science and mathematics can both be included within the liberal arts if the curriculum tends to combine practical and philosophical knowledge. The subjects within the science and mathematics discipline include:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Astronomy
  • Mathematics

Social sciences 

It is one of the regulations that can be seen within the liberal arts college degree. Social sciences focus on human society and the relation between them. The subjects that fall within this discipline are:

  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Anthropology
  • Political science
  • Economics

10 Best Liberal Art Colleges

Choosing a university in the United States is not an easy task due to the variety of universities and degrees it offers to students. Liberal art colleges were a unique feature of American education, but the model has spread to other countries as well. The best liberal arts colleges can be found across the United States. The top-ranking colleges are given as under:

1.Amherst College

Amherst is quite selective and is situated in Massachusetts, United States of America. Students at this liberal arts college study open curriculum with no core molecules or restriction of subjects to be chosen in specific years. Classes are comparatively small so that student-teacher interaction can take place. Around 90% of classes include no more than 30 students enrolled in all types.

2.William College

William College comes at the second rank at the list of best liberal arts colleges in the USA. The college is located in Massachusetts as well. It consists of about 2000 undergraduate students. The college was established in 1793. The professors teach students in small groups where teaching is modeled on a traditional tutorial system based on the universities of Oxford in the UK.

3.Pomona College

The liberal arts college offers 48 majors for undergraduates across all the subjects and based in California. Many students take advantage of work opportunities in the area.

4.Wellesley College

Wellesley college is home to more than 150 student clubs and organizations. It is a woman-centric college and offers more than 1000 courses to its students. The college of liberal arts has about 2400 undergraduate students.

5.Swarthmore College

The Swarthmore ranks 5th in the list of best liberal art college in the USA. It has its location in Pennsylvania, one of the first co-educational colleges in the USA. The tree-filled campus has been described as the most beautiful campus by the ‘Garden Design’ magazine. Along with the liberal arts curriculum, the students can enroll in the engineering track.

6.Middlebury College

The college is a private liberal arts college located at Vermont. The college enrolls 2526 undergraduates from 74 countries. Middlebury College offers 44 majors in humanities, social science, physical science, and mathematics. 

7.Claremont McKenna College

Claremont college is located in California. The ranking of Claremont college is in the 2020 edition of the best colleges in National Liberal Arts College is #7. The school is home to more than ten distinguished research institutes offering students to conduct undergraduate level research.

8.Haverford College

Haverford college is a liberal art college situated in Haverford, Pennsylvania. The college was founded in 1833 and is a co-educational college. More than half of the college’s students are a woman. The college provides a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in Thirty-one majors across humanities, social science, physical science, and mathematics.

9.Carleton College

Carleton college is a private college that was founded in 1866. The college is located in the historic town of Northfield, Minnesota. It offers more than 170 student organizations and 40 undergraduate majors.

10.Smith College

The Smith college is a private liberal arts college only for women. It is located in Northampton, Massachusetts.  The undergraduate programs are only available to women, but graduate and certificate programs are also there for men. The college is one of the few women colleges that offers an engineering degree in four years.

The liberal arts college relies on student’s participation and encourages the student-teacher relationship. Most liberal arts college is small, with a lower number of students and classes. The teachers become a mentor for their students.