Best Elementary Schools in the USA
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Best Elementary Schools in the USA

 Sending their child to the best elementary school is the dream of many parents. Most importantly elementary schools are the necessary foundation for a child’s development. Paying for a private elementary school is a burden on families as compared to public education . But many parents believe that private elementary school is beneficial for their child. Elementary school is a crucial age where there is a need to tap a student’s interests and skills. The students get prepared for the challenges of the real world. The students not only receive the best education while maintaining their social life. The best elementary school provides success in personal life.

Ranking Criteria

 The best elementary schools rank according to the following points. One should consider these points to discuss what is the best elementary school for their child. The positions of ranking criteria include:

  • The school  have at least three out of six grades that categorize as elementary grades
  • The school have a reputation to consider sending their child to that particular school
  • The school is keen to treat parents as equal partners in the educational process
  • They must exceed other schools education
  • They encourage children to exceed beyond their comfort level

8 Best Elementary Schools in the USA

There is a considerable number of elementary schools available in the USA. Above all parents often get confused when choosing the best elementary schools for their children. Here is the list of top 10 elementary schools in the USA:

1.The New School

 The New school considers as the best elementary school in the USA. The Independent School Association of the Central States accredits the New School. Students, through grades one to eight, have computer access with an amphitheater. The school consists of certified wildlife habitat. The technology integrates into every phase of learning. The school makes sure that all students can advance to their fullest potential.

2.The Lexington School

 School at Lexington begins from nursery and extends up to eighth grade. The school consists of a special learning program for students with dyslexia. The skills used in school are to measure the character traits of teamwork and creativity to measure student’s abilities. The school encourages students to keep up with their assignments making it the best elementary school.

3. Forsyth Country Day School

 FCDS involves a year-round program for children aged two to four called the Advantage Program. It prepares students for the coming years. Moreover, education regarding maths, writing, communication, etc given during this time to children. There are several programs offered to the students, such as ballet, soccer, etc.

4.Rocky Bayou Christian Academy

 The school has a particular service program from age three to seven who have needs in academic skills. It ranks at #4 in the list of best elementary schools in the USA. Florida Association of Christian Colleges accredits RBCA. The RBCA includes various programs like Search and Teach program, Speech, and Language Therapy. It is for those students who have difficulties in information and language acquisition.

5. The Brearley School

 Brearley school is one of the oldest and best elementary schools in the USA. It was founded in 1884 and the all-girls college consisting of more than 700 students. The core values on which the school is based are responsibility, respect, honesty, and kindness. The school seeks to focus on the character development of all students, which acts as a foundation for their behavior.

6.Forest Ridge Academy

 The children in Forest Ridge are encouraged to use several learning experiences where they interact with others. Children taught using various tools and methods according to the different age groups.

7.Cliff Valley School

 The school consists of 300 students and 57 full-time teachers. The Southern Association of Schools accredits the school. The schools include parents as a partner in their child education which makes it amongst the best elementary schools. Various assessments take place, and parents are sent weekly reports and newsletters. The students involve in multiple programs such as drama, music, etc. The after school program is available for all students of three and above.

8. Maret School

 Maret School is a preparatory school founded in 1911, consisting of 650 students. The students require to take classes in visual and performing arts. All students get access to laptops and other gadgets to prepare them for life.

Therefore, it is crucial to get admission to the best elementary school to prepare for the future. The list mentioned above will help you in choosing the best elementary school in the USA for your child.