Best Educational Apps for Kids During Quarantine
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Best Educational Apps for Kids During Quarantine

It’s been more than half-a-month since coronavirus has hit the entire country, leaving them in a state of complete lockdown. During this phase, the schools, colleges, and offices have been shut down until the situation gets better. While the outbreak of coronavirus continues to spread, parents all around the world are searching for the best educational apps for their kids, so they don’t miss out on their studies. Nonetheless, schools have been closed; the students continue learning through homeschooling. Since kids are now exposed to digital platforms, they need a quick check on their productivity. Despite binge-watching shows on Netflix, scrolling through social media channels, and playing online games, educational apps are one significant feature they’re ignorant of. Here is a list of all free educational apps that can help your kids in learning better. 

Free Educational Apps for Your kid


During the Covid19 outbreak, there is an opportunity to learn a new language through the best communications app. Be it any language that you desired to learn as a kid; you can get them all at this platform. It is a perfect educational app that helps in learning a new language, including English, Spanish, French, German, and Dutch, etc. DuoLingo is an educational app that provides tutorials and grading challenges to improve the hold over a language. As a reward, you seek virtual coins and a fluency score.


Zoom is a free virtual conferencing app through which multiple kids can attend an online classroom lecture at a time. The CEO of Zoom Erin Yuan, too, realized the importance of free educational apps during the quarantine. So, he made available unlimited digital lessons to help both students and teachers learn. Setting up an account on zoom is really easy. The students and teachers just have to fill an online form with their school email address and get it verified. Then, the teacher will get unlimited minutes to give lectures online. 


Bamboo is one of a kind tech-savvy education app that is compatible with the Alexa. You can easily connect it with your Alexa and command it to enable BambooLearning. In the Bamboo app, you can practice active listening and comprehension, social studies, trivia games, practice maths problems, etc. If you’re a music enthusiast, you can learn musical theories and games as well. This app mostly suits kids of kindergarten to 3rd grade that can fulfill their quest for developing keen comprehension skills. 

4.New American History

Another free educational app for grade 4 to 12th students is New American History. Through this app, the students who are stuck with homeschooling due to the outbreak of coronavirus can learn the basics of social studies. If the events of American history amaze you and make you curious, this app is your companion. You can log in and easily choose your topic and interest, mark your reading and grade level, etc. 


Like all other best education apps, Brainpop is also providing free access to students and teachers during the self-quarantine due to coronavirus outbreak. The curriculum of the app consists of two sections, including the one designed for K-12 students and other includes for kids 0-3. The curriculum covers all the lesson plans, including science, reading, and writing, maths, social studies, etc. 

6.Science 360 

Science 360 is a useful educational app introduced by the National Science Foundation that contains feeds based on the latest science and engineering news, photos, and videos, etc. Since the app content is coming from a reputed source, it is most likely that you get the information from the 360 degrees of the world and use them to the best of your advantage by advancing your learning. 

7.Awesome Facts

Another in the list of the best educational app for kids is Awesome Facts. In this app, the child can learn the importance of healthy living by providing must-awaited information. Awesome Eats helps children of ages 5-10 in learning the importance of healthy eating, pattern recognition, and sorting, etc. The game demands kids to sort the fruits and veggies into two baskets and put on the conveyer belt to sell. On successful completion of all the levels, the app flashes back the pro tip on how to eat healthily to increase intelligence. 

8.Time for Kids+

During quarantine, another key trait that the students have to acquire at any cost is that of reading. The kid’s digital library called Time for Kids is one such free educational app that provides free access to all the books for free. The app is also providing the digital library for free, which can help students in developing new reading and understanding habits.