Best Schools for Pharmacy

2023 Rankings of Best Schools for Pharmacy in the World

During this pandemic situation, what can be proved as a better career option than pharmacy? After all, pharmacist plays a crucial role in helping patients to feel better. Patients recover faster when pharmacists are part of their health care team. So if you are planning a career, then you must choose the pharmacy. For becoming pharmacists, you must have a degree in the same. Thus here we’ll discuss some best schools for pharmacy in the world. 

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The Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree program requires at least two years of an undergraduate degree. Also, it followed by four academic years of professional pharmacy study. Some best schools for pharmacy require you to pass the entrance exam. For cracking entrance exams, you can get help from different websites: Call Tutors, Homework Joy, and Assignment Geek

List of Best Schools for Pharmacy That You Must Know

The following list contains the best schools for pharmacy in the world. So check it out.

1.University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is so ancient that its founding date is unknown. Further, pharmacy courses aim to provide students with both theoretical knowledge and practical training. Also, the courses are taught over one year, from October to September. 

Status: Public

Location: Wellington Square Oxford, UK 

Research Output: Very High

Application for admissions for the year 2021-22 will start from Tuesday, 1 September 2020  

2.Monash University

The University Invests its resources in tackling some of society’s most significant health issues. It is one of the best schools for pharmacy as it offers the highest performing subjects. Thus it is the leading international University in research and education.  

Status: Public

Location: Melbourne, Australia 

Research Output: Very High

3.Harvard University

Although the University doesn’t have a separate department of pharmacy, pharmacology features in many courses offered at Harvard Medical School. Further, there are some critical researches in system, molecular and transitional pharmacology. Also, the University is well known for biological sciences and psychology. 

Status: Private

Location: Massachusetts, US 

Research Output: Very High

4.University of Toronto

The University offers excellent resources to the students. For the doctorate of pharmacy, students must have:

  • Obtain a cumulative university average of at least 70%
  • Completed all prerequisite courses

Status: Public

Location: Toronto, Canada 

Research Output: Very High

5.University of Nottingham

Nottingham has one of the best schools for pharmacy in the UK. It is a research university based in the Middle East of the UK. Further, there are intense courses offered by the University in the subjects: 

  • Pharmacy and pharmacology
  • Veterinary science
  • Geography
  • English language and literature

Status: Public

Location: Nottingham, UK 

Research Output: Very High

6.University College London (UCL)

UCL is 8th in the world and 4th in Europe for the best schools for pharmacy. Also, there is a wide range of disciplines around 657 in post-graduation. Their motto is “we bring you closer to the research.” So you’ll get more practical knowledge here. 

Status: Public

Location: London, UK 

Research Output: Very High

7.University of Cambridge 

In Univesity of Cambridge, pharmacy is studied in the second and third years of the Natural Sciences Tripos (NST). Also, Veterinary students can join it in the second year. As practical courses specially designed, it illustrates experimental material covered in the lectures. 

Status: Public

Location: Cambridge, UK 

Research Output: Very High

8.The University of California, San Fransico

The University is famous for bioengineering advances as well as the best schools for pharmacy in the world. You’ll learn the traditional way of researching in the field of pharmacy. It designed to provide rich historical materials to the students for a practical purpose. 

Status: Public

Location: San Fransico, US

Research Output: Very High

So it was the list of best schools for pharmacy degree that you must look forward. Stay tuned for more college updates. Good Luck for the future!

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