Master's Program For Data Science

10 Best Master’s Degree Program For Data Science

Data science has always been a promising career path for the data professional who wants to advance in the field of programming and technology. The main task of the students pursuing a master’s degree in data science has to work on skills such as analyzing large chunks of data, data mining, and programming using different codes. As per the data science life cycle, the student has to try hands at capturing, processing, maintaining, communicating, and analyzing the data. On successful completion of the program, the key work of the data scientists is to have a sound knowledge of statistics, algebra, and all that counts in programming. Each programming enthusiast must try taking up a master’s degree in data science as the job prospects are bright. A data analyst earns $65,470, data scientist earns $120,931, senior data scientist earns $141,257, data engineer earns @137,776, which is a good sum.

Here are the ten master’s degree programs for data science that you can pursue a stable career. 

1.Purdue University

The university offers a Master of Science in Analytics and Information Management as a full-time program consisting of 3 semesters in total. The main specializations that the students get attracted to include supply chain analytics, investment analytics, or corporate finance analytics. Being a stem-certified program it helps student develop the required skills using technologies and analytical tools throughout the curriculum.  

Location: West Lafayette, Indiana

Tuition Fees: $29,741 : in-state students

                      $47,786: out-state students

2.DePaul University

Ths university offers a Master of Science in Data Science along with providing all the professional skills that the students require for their careers. The main specializations that the students wish to pursue include data science programs, including computational methods, healthcare, hospitality, and marketing. The university promises to emphasize the student’s technical and practical proficiency. Also, the university grants advanced skills in data mining, statistics, and big data processing, etc. 

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Tuition Fees: $850 per hour

3.University of Rochester

The university offers a Master of Science in data science with a duration of 2 or 3 semesters of full-time study. As the course provides a heavy workload, the students are recommended to have strong background knowledge of topics under C.S. and mathematics. In case you lack the required skills and still want to pursue the course, you can get the skills certified using a summer course that’ll clear all your concepts. The main specializations include computation and statistical methods, health and biomedical sciences, and business studies. 

Location: Rochester, New York

Tuition Fees: $51,071 for 32 credits 

4.New York University

The university offers a Master in Science in Data Science during the 36 credits. The main specializations include data science, big data, mathematics, and physics. During the tenure of the program, the students will be allowed to complete a capstone project that the students follow. By collecting and processing the knowledge of data science, the students will have to design and implement them across various channels.

Location: New York, New York

Tuition Fees: $2,286 per credit

5.Carnegie Mellon University

The university offers a Master in Science in Data Science through the Tepper School of Business. The main specializations include cloud computing, machine learning, interactive data science, and a data science seminar during 1st semester. Then, while the 2nd semester follows, the student has to select one course from a range of courses, including systems, analytics, or human-centered data science. The course equips the students with all the skills that they’ll require to stand out in the I.T. environments.

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Tuition Fees: $25,000 per semester

6.Columbia University 

The university offers a Master in Science in Data Science after scoring 30 credits to be precise. Main specializations include health analytics, cybersecurity, finance and business analytics, etc.  For helping students learn better, the pre-requisite include R, Python, C, and java. Anyhow, the students have to learn at least one programming language to understand the algorithms within data science.  

Location: New York, New York

Tuition Fees: $2,018 per credit

7.North Carolina State University 

The University offers a Master in Science in Data Science as a 10-month cohort-based learning experience for students with keen coding skills. As per the stats of students passing out with an MSDS, degree tends to earn almost $98,200 per year. 

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

Tuition Fees: $23,460 for in-state students

             $43,466 for out-of-state students

8.Georgia Institue of Technology

The university offers a Master in Science in Analytics that provides righteous skills, including business intelligence to the students. The main specialization includes statistics, operation research, computing, and business, etc. As per your desire, you choose to between an on-campus course or an off-campus course. 

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Tuition Fees: $1,206 per credit hour for in-state students

             $1,665 per credit hour for out-state students

9.University of Oklahoma

The university offers a Master in Science in Data Science and analytics through the schools of computer science and industrial engineering. This course is a perfect combination of theoretical and practical knowledge. If you register as a full-time student, you’ll be certified within 14 months. During the degree path, you’ll have to choose three electives from a range of 20 core electives.

Location: Norman, Oklahoma

Tuition Fees: $30,000 per semester

10.University of Iowa

The university offers a Master in Science in Business Analytics through the Tippie College of Business. Through this degree program, the students will gain skills in analyzing raw data, using it to make business decisions, etc. The course structure includes ten courses that the students have to pass to earn the final certificate. 

Location: Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, and Davenport, Iowa

Tuition Fees: $10,457 for in state-students

                      $16,860 for out-state-students